Transcription Services From India On The Rise

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21 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on Transcription Services From India On The Rise

Transcription services have become one of the sectors of the outsourcing industry in India that’s on the rise. For good reason, the Indian outsourced transcription services have demonstrated accuracy, better turnaround time and even professionalism that are not seen in other destinations that are also offering the same services. India has been in the forefront of medical transcription because not only the workers are efficient but also cost-friendly.


Outsourcing the transcription services to India is more cost effective as the living standards in a developing country are lower than in first-world countries. The cost of outsourcing transcription services to India is about 40 percent lower which is more cost effective for health care organizations to have their transcription needs outsourced to a country such as India.


The ability of Indian transcribers are also now under the magnifying glass. So far, the quality and the accuracy of the transcription are second to none. The quality of reports that are generated out of India is better than expectations. For this reason, India is being eyed as the premier destination because there is lower risk in outsourcing the transcription services in the country and also the cost is competitive.


The rapid acceptance of India as a premier transcription services destination also necessitated the improvement of data security. Outsourcing vendors have invested a lot of money in bolstering the data security features to ensure that health records and sensitive patient data are secured from compromises and leakage which can be used for fraud or any other illegal means.


Today, a lot of companies around the world are getting into the picture and has been choosing India as their country where to outsource their transcription services. Clients are greatly impressed on the fast turnaround time of some of the reports. The secret on India’s potential to become the leader in transcription services lies on under promising and over delivery.


Another facet of the Indian workforce that is the key in the rise of the transcription services in India is the high English literacy rate. Most Indians are able to understand and accurately transcribe the dictations that need to be converted into electronic data. The high literacy and the weak rupee add up to the bulk of the reasons why clients are trooping to India to have their transcription needs served.


Today, the transcription services have grown at a rapid pace. Business that rely on this process as part of their core operations have realized that is cheaper and more efficient to have an expert outsourcing vendor deliver the process for them. It would be better that a legitimate vendor handles this process to ensure security, quality and speed of delivery is assured 100 percent of the time.


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