Top Trends In Web Designing

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16 May 2013, Comments Comments Off on Top Trends In Web Designing

If you are a business that is keen on engaging with your customer’s online it is best to get a great web design. Web design is the one that will set the tone for your visitors. It will give you the edge over the competitor. A great web design should be able to address your needs in engaging with customers and hopefully they will return to your site.


While it is logical to have a web design company to handle these things for you, it pays to have some knowledge. Learning the key trends in web design today will give you good measure on how to communicate your ideas to the designers. A token knowledge about the design language will enable you to bridge the communications gap between you and your designers. The result will be a more attuned design to what you have in mind and what you are getting.


 Here are some of the best and current web designs out in the wild.


Implemented responsive design. Flash maybe on the decline but HTML 5 is not. The use of HTML 5 and implementing it to the design will be the general trend of web designs. This will future-proof the designs in a way which can be a main selling argument for digital marketing people. The designs that are responsive to the specific customer behavior or preferences will dominate the design landscape for at least three to five years.


Multimodal design. We have seen this in Facebook and we are going to see this more in other website. Multimodal design gives the user the same user experience when viewing the desktop version or mobile version of the website. This symbiosis between modes of view will give the customer a universal feel where there is no need for adjustments when looking at the same websites on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The challenge of the designers lie on which will prevail the desktop design language or the mobile design language.


Flash-based design. Even if Flash is no longer supported by Android and iOS will not support it either, flash-based websites will still be relevant. Flash will remain relevant because there are still areas that HTML 5 cannot enter and the lack of dynamism will make the user experience suffer. Until HTML can readily take the cake, flash will remain.


Web design is a tricky business. It is highly dynamic and the trends change just like changing a diaper on a baby. The secret is to constantly bring forth the trends and work closely with your designer. A great web designing company should be able to implement what you have in mind. It will help if you have the aptitude and the knowledge about the design language as you communicate with your designer.


Never let the designs be solely in the hands of the designer. They tend to operate in the dark that way. If you are ignorant of the trends in design, it will not help the project one bit. There should be teamwork and synergy between you and the design company.


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