The Key Elements Of Market Research

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15 May 2013, Comments Comments Off on The Key Elements Of Market Research

Market research has become an essential tool in business. It provides business intelligence for senior leaders to make the right decisions and the draft business strategies that will enable to enterprise to get to new heights. What makes market research so dynamic yet cost-effective is the fact that there are vendors that offer market research services to companies.


Outsourcing your market research is one way of getting the tools of the trade going at the same time lower costs compared of doing the tasks in-house. The need for additional technology and equipment plus manpower is eliminated thanks to the miracle of outsourcing. Outsourcing provides the dynamism and the added capability of businesses to become more competitive in this increasingly competitive marketplace.


When choosing a vendor that will provide services for your market research it pays to take a look at the essentials. The essentials will give businesses a basic guide that will help narrow down the choice. It is no secret that there are lots of vendors waiting to grab your business. The sad part is that vendors are not created equal. Simply there are cheap ones that forsake quality and security while expensive ones defeat the purpose of cost savings for your company. Studying the key elements will give you a better grasp on the choice of vendor that will effectively carry out your market research.


Data collection. The first element that any business should look for a vendor is the ability to collect data. Data collection is the corner stone of market research and without quality and reliable data all efforts will go down the drain. Take a look at the value of the data that is being provided by your vendor and size its ability to provide meaningful information that can help your business.


No syndicated report. Syndicated reports are information often provided to clients that are actually meaningless and a waste of time. Reports that are syndicated neither give credence to the vendor nor provide much value to the client. Business decisions are no longer being based on syndicated reports because of its reputation. Look for vendors that are able to do old-school digging of data that can fulfill your market research requirements rather than getting rehashed reports from elsewhere.


Data integration. Look for vendors that employ data integration ninjas as they are in the best position to make sense of raw data and process it in a manner that you can understand what’s going on. The value of data hides in the stack of information that remains unprocessed. The important details may lie in the intersections and businesses may miss the golden opportunity if something critical is missed.


Multimodal interaction. Multimodal interaction is the best place to gather data. Listening to a story on a single platform may be disastrous and the complete story may be missed if only one channel gets the focus.


The best and simplest advice for getting good market research is to work on it and have the best team that your money can buy. Expensive vendors may have an edge but it is not a guarantee of quality. Cheap vendors may get the cake due to cost but may not be able to provide the quality that you deserve.


So what are you missing out among these elements to market research?

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