Technical Support Outsourcing

Customers often would need support on how to troubleshoot or fix the products and services that they have been getting from your company.

If your business is on the technical side such as providing software as a service or information technology equipment, then you may need to have technical support services.

Technical support services can use the three traditional channels such as voice, chat and email to fully satisfy the customers need to get information on how to fix their problem with your product or service.

Customers can engage with email when they have less pressing issues or can call our centers and engage with our trained agents to answer the issues that are pressing often needs immediate attention. Chat is another avenue that the customers can engage with the agents that has the speed of voice but the cost of email.

What are the advantages of having a technical support services?

  • It provides satisfaction to your customers
  • It provides a feedback mechanism and to know the voice of the customer
  • It provides instant help to customers on how to best go about their technical issues
  • It provides an opportunity to educate the customers on how the products and/or services work.


Companies can use the facilities provided by their outsourcing partner in implementing a technical support service for their end-user customers.

AxiomBPM is able to provide agents that are trained in the methods and operations of the client and help end-user customers through phone.

By engaging in the phone, customers are able to get fast results and fast response to issues and could also file trouble or bug tickets that can be resolved by technicians on the side of the client.

Essentially, our agents will be taking the calls of your end-users and resolve it within the authority given to the outsourcing partner with the hope of resolving the issue in the first call.

However, there is a chance that the calls will be escalated to a higher-tiered technician based on the operations hub of the client.

Our agents will see to it that your customers issue is resolved as quickly as possible using established service level agreements.