Qualifications Of A Software Programmer

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8 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on Qualifications Of A Software Programmer

Software programmers have gone a long way since the days that they have been stereotyped as geeks. Now the same guys that used to have slide rules or calculators in the pockets are now sporting a different kind of aura. As we all know the saying that software programmers will rule the earth and they are getting there. Software programmers are the cornerstone of the computer revolution. In fact, without software programmers the whole industry that runs our laptops, smartphones and even the computerized washing machine will not exist. The software programmer single handedly brought the whole world towards an era that we have the information that has been culled for hundreds of years right at the palm of our hands.


Programmers have demanded a certain respect that could be the envy of other workers in other industries. So what do we look for in a software programmer? In a perfect world, we are looking for intrepid people that have the skills and knowledge that will enable to deliver the desired results and meeting the clients’ expectations.


A software programmer should be able to know the basic programming languages, scripting languages, programming principles and rules, production principles, web application, mobile application, personal skills and even artistic inclination.


A programmer should be able to demonstrate his/her ability to perform programs for at least one type of computer language. It would be great if the programmer has the ability to also write software in another language. The top five software programming language in use right now include: Java, C, C#, C++, PHP and Visual Basic. The languages in use change overtime as emerging language equally cause some dent in the accepted norms. Up and coming languages are also making the rounds such as Ruby on Rails, C#, Python and even JavaScript.


Knowledge in scripting languages should also be a must-have for excellent programmers. Scripting languages are less complicated and easier to learn and use. Scripting languages are ideal in the web environment because it allows browsers to talk with each other. Programmers should also make an effort to manipulate files, parse text input and even the ability to translate data among multiple forms, platforms and format.


The education of a software programmer is also a great indication of ability. Grades and the involvement of the programmer in extra-curricular activities are general indications that the person is well-rounded and do not think about work most of the time. The aptitude and the ability to learn new things is also a plus in a great software programmer.


Overall, a programmer should be multifaceted and also flexible to respond to the requests of the customer or client. A great programmer must be clever and smart and is swift to implement solutions that can bring better value to the service being rendered to the client.


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