Payroll Outsourcing Services

outsourced payroll services

Payroll is not always about accounting and paying money to your employees but Axiom has set new milestones in payroll accounting services and has added value to businesses that avail our services. When it comes to adhering to the strategies we have been able to tread miles ahead of our competitors. Our services in payroll accounting intend to take human resource to an all new level. With efficient management and prioritizing the requirements of our clients we have set a new stage in payroll accounting.

Outsource Payroll Services


Effective payroll management services

  • Preparing documents that are free of errors and reports that present business intelligence at its best.
  • Reducing the investment on IT infrastructure.
  • Lessening risk with respect to penalties and compliance policies.
  • Appropriate deployment of resources.
  • Resolving employee issues at blazing speed.
  • Preparing perfect employee life cycle from the date of joining to exit.


At Axiom, we believe in implementing the best when it comes to payroll management services and our approach has had a deep and positive impact on the human resource department of our clients. In fact, we have played the role transforming businesses whether it is a startup and has been in business for years. We have successfully abolished mismanagement in payroll services with the implementation of new schemes and procedures and have catered to different industry verticals. With us, you can discover how updating payroll services can change the face of a business and lend it an all new look which is much desired by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Implementing new procedures in payroll services

We take pride in having a team that has years of experience in handling payroll issues and there has been hardly anything that we have not resolved for our clients. However, the team in Axiom has always strived for excellence. Focus on growing your business and taking it to new heights is the motto of our outsourcing services. Have a look at how we have managed to make payroll services simple and coherent with our excellent approach towards this service.


Calculation of accurate salary

Number crunching is our forte and we always make sure that salary paid to employees is calculated without a speck of error.  In addition to this, our services include managing and improving retirement benefits policy, reimbursement of expenses and other payouts. We have alleviated the burden of payroll services of our clients.

Key changes

With Axiom, you will experience a drastic shift in preparing detailed reports on the salaries of our employees, changes in headcount, attendance, time, loans and leaves with ease.

Implementation of best practices

We have developed a dynamic payroll platform to help our clients and our expertise and skills in managing the salaries, compensation and compliance management have earned us acclaim.

Management of employee life cycle

Our clients have more time to focus on core business tasks as we help them manage all the hassles of paperwork from the joining date of en employee to the date of exit.

We have a team of legal experts at our disposal that ensure that shaping the payroll processing services has been in accordance with changes and updates in the labor laws. Establishing a liaison with various departments for providing audit and advisory services to the clients have allowed us serve them with dedication and we have always looked forward to the satisfaction of our clients.

Filing and deductions

With extensive and end to end payroll processing services, we also assist our clients with filing returns for LWF, ESI, PF, TDS and PT and consolidating the proof of verification of year end investments of the employees.

With us our clients have experienced peace of mind as the complexities of managing the payroll is handled by our team with high standards of compliance and procedures that are unique.

Outsource Payroll Services



Outsourcing services to Axiom

Axiom is a leader in outsourcing services and our esteemed clients are based in different corners of the globe. We have simplified complex operations of payroll services and ensure complete security of the documents and reports that we prepare for our clients. Whether it is a growing business enterprise or a global company we have extensive resources for managing the tasks of our clients with ease. Take a quick look at the ways in which outsourcing our services can help you grow.

  • Implementation of best practices in compliance with the industry standards and preparation of ideal service delivery models to initiate discussion with our clients and help them understand our services and flair in the field of payroll processing.
  • Simplification of HR procedures and incorporating global standards in the business.
  • Error-free services and cost-effective strategies for clients belonging to different industries.
  • Transformation in the role played by HR from transaction to creating strategic opportunities for the business.


Axiom has been in the business of outsourcing payroll processing services for many years and our experience in this domain has helped us position ourselves as one of those organizations that have exceeded the expectations of our clients and extended geographical barriers for providing the best services to them. With new tools and techniques that help in accurate calculations and integration of our experience we have managed to provide services that resonate with the requirements of the clients. We do not believe in implementing those run-of-the-mill HR strategies rather we have the prowess to deliver a wide range of services that include payroll outsourcing, managing the retirement benefits, leave management with personalized services.

Our services

Our services encompass some of the major business functions in HR that includes:

  • Processing of tax and avoiding penalties
  • Incorporating flexibility in reimbursement, compensation and retirement benefits
  • Retirement benefits and payroll administration

With advancement in the field of technology, employees have been thinking of changing their payroll processing services and optimizing them is essential to resolve the challenges that preoccupy a majority of businesses. Business organizations need the services of an experienced business process outsourcing services for implementation of better technologies. Our intention is to make our clients happy and satisfied with the best practices in payroll services.

Why choose us as outsourced payroll company?

We begin work with our clients by assigning a representative from our end for seamless integration of payroll services and ensure that it becomes one with their business procedures. Our business development model intends to take into account, the systems, methods and preferences of the clients for establishing a work schedule for each pay cycle with ease.

Payroll processing aims at increasing the quality of work and intends to enhance the profitability of the client’s business to a great extent. With comprehensive payroll processing services we have managed the work of our clients with better approaches and effectiveness. Have a glimpse of the following.

  • We have a helpdesk that aids in resolving the problems of our clients and listens to their queries with patience.
  • Axiom believes in preparing customized reports and providing the best payroll processing services.
  • We respect the intentions of our clients and the information about the company of our clients remains confidential and secured in every respect.
  • Preparation of MIS reports according to the requirements of the clients.


Outsource Payroll Services


At Axiom, we use the latest software for providing error-free payroll processing services and have achieved milestones for dealing with the clients in a respectful manner and delivering the best to them with a quick response time. Our vision is to make payroll processing easier for our clients and allow them envisage business growth with sky as the limit.