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Accounting Services Offered At Axiom

At Axiom, we are able to provide professional services to CPAs, accounting firms, small businesses and large corporate. We offer not only basic accounting and tax services but a wide range of business advice tailored to your enterprise’s needs.


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How Much Would Be Our Fees?

Our services are cost-effective and are usually inclusive of all taxes.

We do not believe in charging for each phone call or email . We prefer our Clients to feel they could contact us with questions as they arise and never have to worry about the expense of the advice.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a free no obligation fee quotation.

Why Should CPA`s Outsource To India?

We help our clients increase the bottom line by providing services on their behalf. Bookkeeping is a time-consuming process but it is important to keep the business away from getting into trouble with the government by determining how much taxes are due to the government and also to tell the overall financial health of the business.

Let us face it. Small enterprises simply don`t have enough budgets to hire professional bookkeepers. The good news is that small entrepreneurs are able to concentrate on their core proficiency and let the bookkeeping be with outsourced companies. Sending your bookkeeping needs actually, will bring down the costs and has been proven cost-efficient.

Don`t risk doing all back office work on your own. It is a very complicated process and cutting corners the wrong way may harm the health of your business and could get your business into trouble with the tax authorities. Never allow small mistakes snowball and become huge mistakes that you could no longer handle. Discover how Axiom  can help your business. Reach out to us to know more.

Email us right now and we will help you with your needs. Our trained and professional team will help you and gain traction towards financial bliss. Our team are able to provide a wide range of financial services and help you get a competitive advantage over your competitors. Make your business sound and wise and let us help you achieve that goal.


Outsource Your Work


Why pick Axiom finance and accounting service?

We pride ourselves on being one of the trusted names. We offer premium services and we understand our clients need that makes us not only reliable but also relevant. Our systems are designed to be set up quickly on your US office and with great support and training.

Axiom`s  accounting process allows us to communicate seamlessly with your organization. We have established service level agreements and adhere to established metrics to objectively measure success. Our metrics include turnaround times, quality, scope, discretion and costs. We also assure our clients that we will not serve any other client in their industry or space as part of our non-competition principles. Discover our impeccable service delivery today and see how we assure you with 100% satisfaction.


5 Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts to Axiom


› Overnight and quick updates

We offer fast turnaround times for reports and calculations and inputs on your books. We are able to give you periodic and quick updates on the jobs that you delegated to us and passed on to our professional bookkeeping teams. This will give you that competitive advantage and peace of mind that you surely deserve.

After all, time is of the essence and it is gold for our customers and clients. We know that your time is precious that is why we are putting a premium on speed on the entries that we make on your books. We are committed to communicating any significant update to make you well informed.

› Devoted Professional Staff

Our teams are composed of professional bookkeepers that are trained and re-trained periodically so they can be put up to speed on current practices in the field of accounting. They are also being routinely trained to be more familiar with local tax regulations so they are able to advice our customers accordingly on accounting laws and regulations that normally pertains to taxation affairs.

Our stringent selection process is our contribution in making sure that you are dealing with individuals that are equipped and knowledgeable on how to do your accounting with utmost adherence to quality, which our clients should be getting all the time.

› Unequaled Quality

Our staff is well trained on various generally accepted bookkeeping and accounting principles. We have one of the best recruitment programs where only the best are hired. This is the first level of assurance that quality is of utmost importance to our organization. We also have levels of quality assurance that ensures that all output is carefully checked and monitored to be almost error-free.

We know how important that our production is kept at a high quality and we have invested a lot in ensuring that our output will keep our clients satisfied 100% of the time, such is our guarantee.

› US-based Company

Our main office is located in the United States. We know how crucial it is to have the work done nearby. That is why we have invested a lot of our resources to ensure that we are able to feel the environment we are working on to produce the desired results. Not just any result but the desired results if not results that far exceeds expectations.

We guarantee that our systems are tailored-fit to your needs and it provides a great and fast turnaround time which is only possible if we work in the United States. Our clients can attest how our localized approach to outsourcing has helped their cause tremendously. That is why we have become the most preferred outsourced accounting firms.

› Offshore Rates

While we operate in the India and provide a high-quality output, you can be assured that we offer competitive prices for our services. Offshore rates are preferred by most companies knowing too well that it is more cost-effective but not downright cheap. It is less expensive but does not lack in quality.

Axiom BPM offshore rates guarantee our clients that they will be paying less thus contributing to the reduction of operating expenses and capital costs. If you are not getting offshore rates then what is the point of outsourcing? That is why we assure our customers that they get the best rate for quality work.


Outsource Your Work