New Trends In Lead Generation

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6 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on New Trends In Lead Generation

Looking at trends that are sweeping the lead generation effort we could find a paradigm shift happening sometime soon. There are lots of ideas, tools and tactics that are taking shape early 2012 and have reached even the first half of 2013. Today, savvy marketers are looking at the trends and are eager to jump into the bandwagon knowing adapting into the fray could give the edge that they need over the competition. Lead generation and management techniques are bound to be re-written in this era of the social media. Let’s find out how the future will shape in this brave new world.


Mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has shown its ability to entice customers and get attracted by marketers. Lead generation through mobile devices are expected to boom in 2013 as devices become cheaper and more accessible. Today, there are stores in South Korea that are attracting customers by scanning QR codes for each product they want to have delivered to their homes. Soon, as technology progresses, mobile will become the factor platform that will be used by lead generators. Google glass which is touted to be the best link between technology and the person will soon realize how lead generators will get into the skin of the customer and make a pitch.


Personal marketing. Speaking of Google glass, the wearable computer will make computing more personal. Gone are the days of cloud computing where everything is done in the cloud levels as software and storage and even services will be provided through the clouds. The emergence of wearable technology will personalize how we use the Internet. This has a profound impact in lead generation. It will pose a challenge to content creators on how to attract customers towards websites and portals so that leads can be generated and how to keep the pipeline flowing for marketers.


Geosocial marketing. Geosocial marketing will become the next by word in the world of lead generation. Outsourcers that will be able to leverage this new solution can better serve their customers’ need of novel lead generation ideas. Foursquare, Yelp and Gowalla are just some of the technologies that can deliver user-generated information that can augur well into the attraction of other users to generate traffic to business websites that can be an effective means of capturing leads and convert them into sales.


Integrated marketing. As more business embrace lead generation, the amount of information will rise exponentially. This will lead towards an integration of all the trends and techniques into a new segment in marketing. Data will be integrated to be used in effective lead generation in the future.


Lead generation will still be relevant in the future. It may come as a different animal but the parts will remain the same. It will become streamlined, personal and mobile. Yet the essentials and goals will be the same as it was before.


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