Missteps In Hiring Transcriptionists

16 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on Missteps In Hiring Transcriptionists

The demand in transcriptionists has been on the rise. A great transcriptionist is able to convert spoken information to electronic data which is easier to process. A professional that is engaged in this kind of work should have several skills. Here now are the common mistakes that people in recruitment do when they are hiring transcriptionists.


Literacy issues. A transcriptionist should be skilled and has a high degree of literacy. A person needs to transcribe the written word accurately. The transcriptionist should be familiar with colloquialisms and be able to use punctuation carefully to avoid misinterpretations. The transcriptionist needs to be able to capture the essence and true intent of the speaker in able to make a record of the transcription. Often this is the neglected part of the hiring process. There is no standardized test to determine the efficiency of the person being hired in capturing data and information and convert it into an electronic report.


Behavior issues. Most hiring decisions become a bust when interviewers are unable to detect the right behavior of an applicant during the interview. The right worker can easily distinguished using behavior-based interviewing. The technique allows access whether the employee is for the long-haul or just a short-time gig. It is best that the hiring process focus on the commitment of the worker to engage in the gig rather than hiring almost anybody just to fulfill the resource commitment of an outsourcing vendor. Most outsourcing vendor are looking past behavior just to get the quantity they need to get instead of aiming for the quality of workers.


Retaining busts. There are times that hiring process are willing to look the other way just to have the enough staff to commit to the client. This can hurt the viability of the account in the long run. It is best to slowly replace the non-performers than to stick with them. It is all about the quality and the not the quantity. There should be a strict guideline among the hiring process that only the best should get accepted into the program and to weed out potential trouble makers that could only make things go south.


Wrong perception. One of the greatest mistakes in hiring is to perceive that everyone is created equal. There are certain things that are fit for transcription while others may be a better fit elsewhere. Find out how the new hire can strengthen the organization through better assessment. You will be glad that you did.


The skills are needed to come up with quality reports. That is why hiring transcriptionists is no easy job. Hiring managers and staff should have a keen sense of what are the talents and the skills that are needed to get the job done.


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