Why Outsource Medical Claims Processing Services

11 January 2017, Comments Comments Off on Why Outsource Medical Claims Processing Services

Medical claims processing is a mind-numbingly dull process and worst of all, it’s time black hole that just keeps sucking out valuable time just to get paid for work that was already done. And guess what, if these claims aren’t filed properly or if there’s any delay or lag in your operation, you’ll get rejected in a heartbeat, all these issues and we’re not even getting into accuracy.

Insurance companies have a very fundamental distinction of what they accept and what they reject, most if not all medical claims are denied on the spot, 82% of all medical claims filed in 2016 were dismissed due to incorrect patient data.

Axiombpm provides ease of mind when it comes to outsourced billing and collections, and we’ll take care of all your outsourcing needs because we simply have a fully dedicated system and medical claims processors in place to prepare and file your claims at least 4x faster to ensure you spend your time focusing on your actual job.

We provide you with cutting edge medical insurance claims processing services that will take all the medical billing hassle off your hands.

Here is how our outsourced medical claims service can help you with:

  • Enter data related to patient demographics, referring physicians, CPT and ICD Codes, and Modifiers into the medical billing software
  • Scan the documents for any billing errors and correct them, if required
  • Adjudicate healthcare claims for accuracy
  • Prepare an Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Submit and file the claim with the insurance company
  • Conduct follow-ups on the claims with the insurance company
  • Provide you with information about the status of the claim
  • Process any denied claims and re-adjudicate them for claims submission


Electronic medical claims processing service

We utilize a top of the line medical claims processing software on our dedicated server to guarantee high performance, our software scans insurance claim forms and automate the collection process and claim the payment data. This is why we’re 4x faster in processing claims than the normal operator. On top of that – our integrated systems enable us to handle claims in

On top of that – our integrated systems enable us to handle claims in wide array of health plans as well as medical, vision, prescription drugs, dental, disability, and COBRA claims.

So why choose Axiom over any other claims processor?

Because simply, we’re the real deal – we have a state of the art infrastructure to support any claim filing load you may have; also we can help you:

  • Cut your claim processing time in half
  • Increase your revenue by 20% and above
  • Focus your valuable resources on providing healthcare BPO and leave the mundane tasks to us
  • Detect and handle any duplicate claims
  • Increase adjudication rates
  • Scan claims for minor issues that may affect the acceptance
  • Reduce your cost of overhead considerably
  • All our talented personnel is at your disposal without having to hire several companies.


Axiombpm can offer a turn-key outsourcing operations advanced to the point that allows you to scale your business by more than 480%.

Information security

Our company has ISO 9001 certificate as well as HIPAA compliance. With our extensive data security measures, we take for all protected health information (PHI) will ensure the safety and confidentiality of all our processing

Swift turnaround Time

All the processes outsourced to us are handled with extreme haste and accuracy to file all the forms in time and proper order to collect the payment.

Tangible Results

The best thing about our company is that we deliver reports with rich details on the current billing month and collections to your Email on time. If you just skim through the report, you’ll be able to assess exactly how much money you’re saving in terms of less processing fees and cutting down on your overhead cost.

Keeping track of the evolving regulations

Once we sign the contracts, you don’t have to worry about the ever-changing rules and regulations that are regularly updated and enforced. We have a team dedicated to researching and keeping up with the latest laws and regulations.

Spend your time on the patients

It’s a very simple equation, more patients = more money, when you outsource your claim processing to us, a good chunk of your time will be liberated from all the dubious paperwork, you can use that time on more patients to scale your business to the next level.

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