Medical Billing & Coding Services

outsource medical billing and coding services

At Axiom, we offer end to end medical coding and billing services and help our clients with a complete revenue cycle management. With our solutions and services, companies in the healthcare industry have been able to focus on their core business requirements and rely on us for coding and billing. The services that we provide to our clients include the following:

The physician billing services that we provide to our customers include the following:

  • Patient input, electronic claim submission, and coding
  • Reviewing and negotiating the insurance contracts of the patients
  • Developing and optimizing the bills
  • Improving the financial outcome of the clients


As a leading outsourced medical coding company, we offer solutions for different sizes depending on the requirement of our customers and are equipped with flexible and skilled professionals for this purpose. Medical billing and coding are one of the critical services in the healthcare industry, and the presence of an expert and dedicated team has helped us serve our clients better. With an array of innovative technologies, Axiom makes use of web-based documentation which is user-friendly and can be easily understood by our customers.

To fulfill our mission of providing medical billing services that are need-based and client-specific, Axiom has integrated the highest standards of quality and catered to the standards of professionalism. It is not just technology and compliance that have allowed us to reach the most elevated position within a short time; our efforts do not end here as we strive for excellence.

Along with our team of medical transcriptionists that deliver high-quality services to the clients, we have an operational and administrative team that offers tremendous support for the comprehensive services that we intend to provide to the customers. Medical billing and maintaining medical records have remained the priority of companies in the healthcare industry, and we have partnered with premium clients from this industry and have delivered customized solutions to them according to their requirements. At Axiom, we offer specialized coding and billing services, and our customers have benefited with our professional outsourced billing services.


Our Medical Billing And Coding Services Include:

  • Partial and full billing services
  • Coding services
  • Collection and billing of patients
  • Evaluation and reviewing of the structure of billing every month and providing reports to the clients.
  • Timely billing information
  • Improvement of cash flow
  • Constant efforts to reduce errors in medical coding and billing

We have helped our clients improve their financial outcome with our continued efforts and provide the tools that are required to fulfill the business objectives. Customer satisfaction is our main motto and the views that they have expressed for our services speak for the quality. Analyzing the status of business is our beginning, and we intend to take the business of our clients to scalable heights.

The use of the latest software is vital in medical coding and billing services, and we offer to help our customers from the beginning and resolve their queries whenever they seek our support. Our team at Axiom stays focused on the requirements of our customers and assists them in every step of the revenue cycle management. We believe in proceeding forward with credible benchmarks and set positive goals for our customers and help them attain their objectives with effectiveness.