Keys To Effective Management Of Your Outsourced Workers

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20 May 2013, Comments Comments Off on Keys To Effective Management Of Your Outsourced Workers

Hiring outsourced workers is a challenge to the enterprise. The fact that they are located outside the confines of the house poses a great challenge in managing. While outsourced workers are relatively cheaper and can become more effective that managing workers in house, there are still things that makes managing outsourced workers tricky.


That is why when you are going into outsourcing workers; it pays to know the key elements that go into effective worker management. This will give you an idea what are the things that you need to have and how to style your business model to align with the shift of process philosophy within your organization.


Great communications. One of the keys for effective management of outsourced workers is to establish great communications. Let’s face it. Workers will be located at the other side of the world. There is no face-to-face communications that could happen if the workers are also found within the same building as you are. The only way to have great control is through effective communication.


Control over the workers is very limited for clients that outsource their processes to an outsourcing vendor. That is why it pays to have solid communications with the vendors to check out what are the things that they need that a client can provide and to ask why a particular metric has not been met. This allows cooperation among the teams that are working towards the fulfillment of a single goal which is to provide the best possible service and hit the pertinent metrics as outlined in the scope of work.


Building of trust. Trust is essential in becoming successful in outsourcing your business process. Without trust, there is no way for the effort to flourish. A great deal of your workers are not with you and the managers that are tasked to oversee these workers should be worthy of your trust. Clients put their trust on their partners because direct control is simply impossible given the set-up. Self-management should be promoted because it is one of the ways to improve productivity and to gain mileage from the services that the client is getting.


Belongingness to a team. The workers should feel that they are not outsourced workers but part of your own team as if they are really workers of your business. There should not be a “them” or “us” in this set-up. Most in-house clients look down on outsourcing workers simply because they are really part of the enterprise. This tells a lot on the morale of the team which can lead to lowered productivity and dampened trust. The workers should feel that they have an important role to play in the great scheme of things.


Make no mistake but outsourced workers provide a huge benefit for your organization. Apart from bringing down rental costs, the maintenance of talent and resources is properly achieved if you outsource workers. It can significantly boost efficiency and productivity for your business process and gain advantage over the competition.


So, are you ready to outsource?

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