Integrating Chat Into Your Business Website

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29 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on Integrating Chat Into Your Business Website

You can’t argue with the numbers but there are plenty of potential customers waiting to be tapped on cyberspace. About 2.2 billion potential customers are waiting to be tapped. A website for your business allows your company to get the traction and eventually fuel sales. It is also important that the business website to go after value proposition with emphasis on website copy, information, brand building and many more.


In this modern world, having a website for your business is no longer an accessory but a necessity. A website has a lot of functions that is valuable for your business. It can capture potential customer information for leads. It can also become a vehicle to answer customer inquiry and retain customers using real-time communications. More often customers tend to patronize online businesses that are able to respond to their inquiry the soonest possible time.


Installing live chat software on your website will help your business considerably. If a potential customer visits your website you can convert them into sales. When customers are in the market to patronize your products, often they have questions about specifications about the product or service that you are offering.


An online chat provides instant help to your customer who is asking for help or simple information about your offerings. It can also become an easy conduit for complaints or feedback about the product or service that your business offers. Wait times for phones are often disastrous and emails takes days before a customer can get a reply. Customers can easily multi-task from chatting with an agent and also check emails or even browse some videos on You Tube.


In fact, in a study 90 percent of customers find live chat beneficial and helpful and 63 percent of those polled said that they are likely to purchase a product or service with a business that has live chat software installed on the business website. Another study published by Forbes magazine showed that chat agents can easily guide the customers through a sale which is crucial in making or breaking a sale. A chat agent can guide a customer that would otherwise become confused and leave the website to find another retailer or service provider.


Live chat on your website is cheaper compared to phone calls since an agent can engage up to four people simultaneously compared to phone. An agent can engage with one customer at a time, while a chat agent can talk to four people at once that significantly provide a lot of savings for the business on labor costs and equipment expenses. The ability of a chat agent to engage with multiple customers at a time reduces the need to hire more people with the same amount of productivity.


Putting live chat on your website allows you to have an edge over the competition. Despite the numerous benefits of chat, most business websites that are out in cyberspace according to a study made by Telus have no chat capabilities. This opens up the possibility of getting an advantage over your competitor who has yet to realize the value of having a chat portal on the business website.


If you are installing live chat software, let us know about your experience. It takes the right software and the right training to make things work and perhaps a knowledgeable personnel manning the chat lines that are able to answer any conceivable question from the customers.

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