Major insurance providers progressively outsource business procedures to Axiom to aid in simplifying and streamlining operations – not only to minimize expenses, but also to enhance speed as well as free up resources in ways which assist their companies to generate brand new business.

We at Axiom provide insurance back office solutions to insurance agencies, MGA’s, broker agents, agencies as well as carriers throughout the world.

Our insurance solutions will help you to organize a foundation not only for effective change, but also for long-term good performance.

Think about us as your support workforce which takes care of all the daily as well as time-intensive responsibilities, so that your in-house team will be able to focus on other key pursuits.

Our team will be able to satisfy the global specifications of the insurance marketplace whilst offering an unrivaled mixture of experience, proficiency and also the proper technology needed.

Outsource Insurance Services


Without any doubt, the insurance business is being seriously tested nowadays. The market mechanics are compelling the insurance companies to include brand new levels of personalization to cope with growing customer demands.

At the same time, reducing time-to-market for the most recent items and ascertaining exceptional client experience has become obligatory.

Insurance companies are attempting to improve their business procedures while exploring client intelligence in addition to ground breaking analytics enthusiastically for attracting productivity.

Furthermore, there are all the time changing regulatory requirements, inadequate competent manpower as well as diminishing margins to deal with.


Benefits of outsourcing insurance back office services to us

  • Minimize operating expenses, whilst improving cost transparency as well as predictability
  • Enhance cash flow and also restrict capital investment specifications
  • Improve processing speed, precision as well as consistency
  • Make improvements to service to the clients and intermediaries
  • Streamline operating facilities


We offer wide range of Insurance Services


⇒ Life and Pension Policy Solutions – From back-office management to front-line revenue, we offer guidance for the policy-owner functionality.

⇒ Property and Casualty Policy Solutions : We offer management support for underwriting as well as policy services, along with decision tools for automating pricing as well as underwriting risk selection.

⇒ Collections and Payments Solutions : We provide insurance companies an extensive collections and payments service on a one-to-many program. This particular strategy makes it possible for an easy integration with the current procedures and systems, as well as up-to-date cash flow reports.

⇒ Property and Casualty Claims Solutions : We aid insurance companies to give attention to customer support in order to develop commitment and also organic development. This consists of automating high-frequency and low intensity claims, in addition to facilitating the negotiation of the high-severity claims.

⇒ Pension Solutions : We stand out at improving pension-related approaches, procedures as well as technologies. Our solutions cover rewards, contributions, as well as asset management, call center help plus general ledger and reporting.