What Is Infographics? Why Infographic Marketing Is Important?

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An infographic refers to the combination of information and graphic featuring charts, diagrams, photos and stylized text. It is an effective way of creating a story in a more engaging and eye-appealing manner.

It has been said that moderns human are more visual in that they prefer to view images rather that road long text. Experts confirm that people are often attracted to photos first before they read through the text on a site they visit. It is because the visual are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

Businesses and publishers using infographics are reaping the benefit today. Primarily, they can grow their web traffic at an average of 12 percent compared to those who don’t use the infographic.


Tips for creating an Infographic


Making an infographic requires creativity and planning. It is much more than just putting an attractive image together.

Firstly, you need to come up with an objective and pick a topic. Determine to achieve with your infographic and focus on that, your goals will help you create a story that will engage your followers.

Next, gather as many data as you can on the topic you have chosen. Numbers and text will be most useful.

From there, you can process with sketching your idea to determine how you’d like your information to flow. Choose colors that are pleasing to the eyes but avoid the dazzling ones and those that will beautifully blend.

In creating an infographic, you have two options – hire a graphic designer or do it yourself. The first choice is for busy people who don’t have the time to plan and build their infographic. With a professional to work with, you can just provide all the date you want to include and wait for the initial drafts from the graphic designer.

If you’re the creative and hands- on type of person, however, you can opt for the do-it-yourself for the route. Even with the title or no background in graphic design, you can still create the infographic that you want using some free tools including the drag and drop type are available online. Most apps allow users to create their infographic for free but require a small fee for downloading the finished products.

A careful observation of the world around you can tell you how modern and appealing the graphics are in today’s digital world. It has been noticed that short and clearly written information, with attractive graphics, is more appealing than lengthy text. But what makes infographics so attractive?

Points mentioned below will explain why Infographics are important and why should you market it


Pictures are easy to notice: pictures or graphics are easier to see, as compared to words, just like a book with pictures is more like by children and adults alike, rather than lengthy text.

Enhance the appeal of contain: plain text stretching over the whole page requires time and attention, which can put off many people. However, graphics present the information clearly without you having to spend any time on reading. The accessible representation of statistical data: facts and figures enhance the credibility factor and thus they are strategically added to make people aware of the reliability of information. Reading the characters can seem very tiresome, whereas graphical representation can facilitate data visualization by presenting the some data in a more understandable way.

Simplify the subject matter: reading lengthy to understand the data is a very complex and unattractive task. Graphic can present the same issue in a more orderly and simplified way, thus making it incredibly easy for the readers to read and understand the given information.

Stimulates reader’s interest: attractive infographics design and bright use of colors can help you put across you point more successfully. That is why graphics are considered to be more efficient in catching the attention of reads instead of text.

Easy sharing and recording of information: graphics enable you to present the information in a more digestible way. It makes sharing and report of such information easier.

Today’s digital age has made it crucial to capture the attention of the users, to convey your message effectively. With increasing distraction and decreasing attention span of the users, it is becoming difficult to attract their attention. Visual representation is an attractive and appealing way of data visualization.

There are numerous ways in which you can use the graphic to enhance the effectiveness of your text. Making it a part of your annual Business report will not only appeal your associates but can also save a lot of your time and efforts by making data visualization easier. Including attractive and easy to understand infographics designing in your research reports can help you present your findings more effectively. You will have not to spend time explaining each and every finding when it is clearly present in the form of a graph or chart. Enterprises, the world over, have realized that to make the desired impact on the minds of their marketing strategies. The cut-throat competition that prevails in the marketing and advertising world today has further and enhanced this need. In such scenario, graphics are undoubtedly the most consumed rather than plain text.

Apart from these, the graphics can be used anytime when you want to make the information or presentation more engaging and noticeable. Some factors should be kept in mind while using the Infographics design to present your data or information in attractive and sophisticated way.

Keep it simple: Try to keep it as simple as possible. The idea behind using is that they are easy to scan and understand. Using complication graphics of too many colors can make them look complicated, thus hampering its effectiveness.

Choose an appropriate form: Infographics can include many graphical forms, likes maps, graphs, flow charts, diagrams, etc. The choice of graphical style will depend on your topic or the type of information that you need to present.

Visual appeal: Keep the visual appeal in mind when using graphics or pictures. They should be simple yet appealing to catch the attention of online users.

It is evident that Infographics design is a powerful and efficient medium for data visualization and to present information in a more organized form. The popularity of online graphics can be attributed to their effectiveness and appeal. Visual graphics are better and more easily understood than just words. Owing to its numerous benefits, using the graphics has become a need today, which can help you get the desired effect from your content.

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