Infographic - Outsourced Call Center Cost Benefits

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Outsourced Call Center Cost Benefits Infographic

Cost Benefits of outsourcing call center services

Having a call center these days is no longer optional. Your customers want the peace of mind knowing that if anything went wrong, they can always pick up the phone and get help. But there are just SO many problems that come along with housing your own call center.

From hiring the agents, picking and choosing which ones fit your criteria all the way to managing them and making sure they actually show up on time and do what they’re paid to do. But if you manage the day-to-day activities yourself then you won’t have time to work on your business.

The logical way for you to solve this is to hire managers and quality control staff but here’s the issue until you realize that they only add fuel to the fire without being cost effective what so ever, a study was done showing that in an average call center 50% of the cost of staffing it goes to managers and another 30% goes to quality control, these people don’t pick the phone and talk to your customers, they just make sure the other 20% does.

From a numbers perspective this sounds like a money black hole to say the least. So most astute people tend to think outside the box on such things (literally). They outsource their call center needs to another company that specialize in staffing and managing people so they take all the risk and the business owners only pays for the agents they hire per hour. Which is a massive weight that gets lifted off their shoulders with the increasing amount of managers and the decrease in the amount of people actually picking up the phone and serving clients.

So by choosing to outsource to a professional call center company they simply say goodbye to managers and other useless money drains including the actual housing costs from electricity to the internet and so on. Then again, you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the catch? The catch here is that you need to pick a company that will actually do the “work” for you, in other words you need to know that they’ll maintain top quality performance and hold the highest standards when it comes to picking up that phone and talking to your clients. Axiombpm takes care of the whole process for you and charging you with one simple fee which is “how many agents you need for how many hours” we can provide with you with call center agents of the same quality you’d hire at a fraction of the cost (50% or less) for a very simple reason, an average call centers hires one at a time from a domestic environment where you have to at least meet  the minimum wage, while we can literally mass produce Agents to suite our needs thus maintain a lower cost per agent than what you can get locally without sacrificing the quality.

Axiombpm can save you from a storm of issues, just think about how much you need to spend on overhead and staffing and training all the people you’ll need in your operation as well as the Voip and technology with all the infrastructure and elastics to distribute and log the incoming calls to the agents and monitoring their performance so their supervisors can guide them further, not even mentioning the cost of the IT staff to put it all together. Don’t be fooled thinking you only need to hire the IT staff once to put your equipment together and that’s it, you’ll have to put them on a monthly retainer and have at least 3 in house at all times to maintain the systems and fix any issues that may occur, anyone with any call center experience will tell you, downtime is surreal! Because for every hour that you can’t receive calls due to equipment malfunction or whatever the problem, that’s an hour you have to pay for everyone that works for you without getting any work for it what so ever.

Axiombpm can effectively reduce your cost of operation by 62% on average because we totally eliminate your expenditures on staffing and technology as well suffering any overhead so you only pay for the amount of agents you need for the duration of hours you require.


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