How Does Data Capture Services Work

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29 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on How Does Data Capture Services Work

In the past, businesses have been warehousing their data by filing through the back office tons of information gathered through customer interactions into documents and files. As businesses become complicated the volume of data also increased exponentially and an in-house data entry service has become essential.


Regardless of the size of your company it is important that you are able to process, manage and use data properly. The proper use of data is critical to the overall business health. However, data capture services done in-house has become too time consuming and sometimes expensive. It required having an entire department devoted to data entry, which included costs for the acquisition of equipment, software and IT infrastructure that are costs that can hurt the company’s bottom line.


That is why there are outsourcing vendors that have been specializing in providing services to companies that are considering outsourcing their data entry and data capture services. Outsourcing the data entry does not only maximize the efficiency of the company but also frees up the finances of the company to too expensive departments that can be delegated to a third-party for lesser cost.


Basically, a data capture services often manually type in information that are stored in paper documents so that it can be converted into usable electronic data. This is a very time consuming and costly process when it is done within the organization. It can also lower the proficiency and the integrity of the converted data. There are also ways to scan the document and use OCR, ICR and IDR technology to read data off paper documents to ease up and streamline the process.


The converted document can now be stored in a data base for easy searching within the organization and could be used by other department for their business analysis work. Each document are often parsed and then broken down into digestible information where it can be easily indexed. A summary of record can be obtained from the pages that are now stored digitally in the company’s computer networks or systems.


Voice capture is another form of data capture. There are systems that are able to store voice commands and dictations often coming from customers. Outsourcers are able to transcribe the voice recordings and convert it into data that can easily be stored in computer systems. It becomes searchable and it can be integrated fully with other business processes.


Letting an outsourcer do your data capture allows you to focus on your core business. Often companies spend time on non-essential operations and neglecting what is important in their business such as improving customer interactions or relationships.


If you engage with a outsourcing vendor you get the competitive edge against your competitor in terms of lowered costs, improved turnaround times and precision that can only be obtained through experienced outsourcing firms dedicated to data capture. An outsourcer has the resourced to see your needs through without the business shelling extra for the acquisition of equipment. It is also important to know that outsourcers can deliver top-notch work without increasing costs.


If you are looking for a partner for your data capture. It pays to look one that has extensive knowledge and expertise on data capture. If you have been using data capture service, please give us some feedback about your experience and share it with other businesses that are thinking of hiring a partner soon.

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