Hiring The Right Outsourcing Team

29 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on Hiring The Right Outsourcing Team

How do you choose the right outsourcer? This would be the question often asked when a business is finally in the market of finding the right vendor. After all finding the right vendor is an arduous task and time consuming at that. Your business has realized that setting up your own business process can be costly, with the necessary talent pool, training, equipment and other collaterals needed to operate a process within your organization. You have realized that outsourcing is a better alternative to lower your cost and service your customers well. The next step is to find the right outsourcing vendor that will service your needs. Here are some tips that you can use to guide your business in finding the crack outsourcing team that will send your business to greater heights.


Reliability. There is nothing that is more important than knowing how reliable the team you are considering to partner with. Ask the prospective vendor how long they have been in the business of outsourcing. This will give you a general idea on their expertise and ability to deliver top-notch performance. After all, they will not be in business for so long if they keep on having angry clients. Learn more about the background of the outsourcing team that you are going to work with so you will have better peace of mind.


Expertise. Ask how much they know about the business space and industry your enterprise is in. This will give you a general idea of their expertise in carrying out your processes to greater heights. Ask if they have worked on the a similar client before which will give you a glimpse on their ability to deliver the good for your business. Ask when was the last time that they had some clients similar to your business and ask if it is okay to get some feedback from the last client.


Feedback. Now that we are on the subject of feedback, it is the greatest mechanism to get an idea that you are hooking up with a great outsourcing team. The feedback of a business that is similar to yours that had been serviced by the team before is invaluable. It will give you an idea if the old client is happy with the services and you get to know the reason why the project or the account is terminated if it no longer on going with another part of the outsourcing vendor.


Quality. Check how well the team adheres to quality standards. Learn how your own internal quality size up with the quality team that will be provided by the team. Ask how you can align with the quality team and your own internal quality people. This will give you a greater measure on how your processes will be graded through mutually agreed metrics. Also ask for relevant certifications such as ISO standards or COPC.


Service Levels. Ask how well your vendor can adhere with service levels. Delivery times are crucial in a business such as customer service and customer complaints. The faster you can respond will avert the situation from becoming a retention call.


The choice of vendor and outsourcing team can define your success and failure in the battle field. It will take time to choose the right one. There is no rush and make sure that you consider everything so you can be led to the best outsourcer that can fulfill your needs.

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