Healthcare Outsourcing Services

The technological advancements in healthcare services have undergone a drastic change since the past decade, and new models of business have started reshaping these services. In fact, the advent of digital processes has transformed health care services, and patient care has changed immensely during the recent times.

Axiom is one of the top healthcare outsourcing companies offering round the clock services to our clients. We provide solutions that have helped our customers achieve better financial results and productivity.

Outsource Healthcare Services


We believe in those extra miles to serve our clients that are based in different corners of the globe, and our services are compliant with the latest technology. With the help of a team which is committed to excellence, simplifying patient care has been our motto from the beginning.

We have occupied a leading position in healthcare services and have allowed our clients to outbid market conditions and emerge as winners. Our customers range from statutory agencies, non-governmental and religious organizations.

We do not compromise the quality of the solutions and services that we provide to our clients and have partnered with them for providing state-of-the-art healthcare services.


Our Healthcare services include


As one of the top healthcare bpo companies in the healthcare industry, the highlights of our business include:

  • A skilled team of experts in the field of information technology and medical outsourcing services.
  • Providing efficient, innovative and comprehensive healthcare solutions to our clients.
  • Believing in long-term relationships with the clients.
  • Unswerving commitment to quality transcription services


We have recognized that the fundamental purpose of medical management lies in caring for the patients. We have devoted ourselves to healthcare services and understand the challenges that physicians face today and have helped them overcome the impediments with adequate documentation and billing.

At Axiom, we use the software in close association with the doctors and our range of health solutions is customized for each one of our clients.


It is no wonder that we have been identified as one of the top outsourcing companies in the industry. With a staff that has extensive knowledge in different aspects such as medical coding, billing, and collection, our revenue cycle management services have continued to benefit our clients and we have a proven record of serving them as per their requirements.

The demands and the challenges that prevail in the healthcare industry have allowed our team to incorporate extra efforts to cater to the ever-changing world of the transcription industry. At Axiom, we have successfully built our reputation by following business ethics and offering quality customer services to our clients.

At Axiom, we have successfully built our reputation by following business ethics and offering quality customer services to our clients.

Outsource Healthcare Services


As a leading organization in the industry, healthcare has remained as the major focus for the workers of Axiom, and we have rendered services to a wide range of clients related to this industry for taking patient care to a whole new level.

The ability and the temperament of our skilled employees and their contribution have helped us achieve this feat despite the challenges that we have encountered in this field.

Our motto remains in assisting our clients with cost-effective and efficient services in healthcare with new and innovative solutions that are at par with their requirements.

With the support of our team, we aim to tread more miles in medical back office services and the healthcare industry as a whole.

The global professional medical industry’s fascination with outsourcing is continuing to grow massively in the modern times because of the industry’s drive to lessen costs while still having the ability to provide quality professional medical service.

Before, the industry limited their outsourcing to medical data admittance and medical transcription. But with the growing understanding that outsourcing has increased benefits for professional medical organizations and private hospitals, many are looking at outsourcing medical information management systems, scientific research, Big Data, medical billing, and It requires to keep patient data guaranteed among numerous others.


Outsource Healthcare Services


We list down five benefits of outsourcing in the healthcare industry:

1. Critical faults can be avoided.

Relating to Tom Lowery in his article entitled 8 Ways Freelancing MIGHT HELP Patients and Private hospitals, US hospitals leave about $125 billion up for grabs every year because of poor medical billing tactics. He offers that 80% of medical charges contain mistakes. One factor that plays a part in this is the fact that some hospitals aren’t updated with presently changing billing regulations. With outsourcing, health care organizations can have a dedicated team of trained specialists that targets billing purposes.

2. Reduced training costs.

Medical organizations that outsource their techniques don’t also have to worry about spending the extra cash for education, software or personnel training because the outsourcing partner considers to it that their workers are current with the latest changes in expectations and regulations.

3. Utilization of the expert and trained pros.

You don’t have to spend the amount of time in finding trained experts for health care techniques because they’ll be ready to undertake the job when an outsourced project is assigned. Staff acquisition and retention is not also a problem anymore since these will be dealt by our in house experts.

4. Additional time to give attention to supplying the quality patient health care.

With an outsourcing partner caring for buying health care organization’s personnel and training them, health care providers will be able to give attention to the most important things in the business – in this case, offering the very best quality of look after patients.

Outsourcing shall help providers to reduce their wearisome administrative and managing workload, and allow these to give a positive patient good care experience and improve it as well.

5. Save well on the cost without diminishing the quality of business.

The biggest good thing about outsourcing health care services is the cost reduction in medical operations. Outsourcing earns huge personal savings using its low priced workforce and facilities. Health care outsourcing can assist in saving the companies 30-60% of costs.

From caring for personnel acquisition and retention away, having an outsourcing spouse also reduces surplus administrative expenses because the direct benefit of outsourcing is the financial surge.

Outsource Healthcare Services


India is Top Professional Healthcare Outsourcing Destination

India has been the top destination to outsource healthcare services because of its large skilled workforce, technology, and infrastructure. The country’s outsourcing industry is continuing to grow over the modern times, and it is forecasted going to $2.4 billion in earnings in the year of 2016 . There are many health care bpo companies in India which will save your operation cost by 50%.

With our intensive set of outsourcing services available, medical providers–either a Healthcare Payer or a DOCTOR, or those owned by the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry or the Pharmaceutical industry, many of these can trust us with everything they want.