Five Steps To Hiring BPO

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16 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on Five Steps To Hiring BPO

When you are in a business you want to concentrate on how you can make it flourish. Let’s face it. These challenging times should be faced head on with full focus and attention. But that is easier said than done. Most of businesses that are starting are unable to fully dedicate their time on making their core business work. They need to also attend to the little details that are equally important but are not part of the mission-critical operations. That is why businesses have turned to business process outsourcing firms to help them fulfill their needs and provide services at a fraction of the cost if they are the ones that are going to do it in-house. If you are in the market of getting some of your business process outsourced then here are some steps that you can follow.


Step One: What do you need? Before you really get into the groove, it is best to sit down and have a cup of coffee and try to think about the areas of your operation that you need help with. It is understandable for people that are making computer parts to struggle with customer service because hey, you are making computer parts and not running a chatting service. But we have to admit that customers are the ones that keep businesses in business. Customers need special attention and if you are not up to the task there is always somebody that is willing to take up the slack for a fee. So ask yourself about the areas that you need to outsource so you can cut down cost and get more bang-for-your-buck.


Step Two: Research for suppliers. Here’s the thing about finding suppliers, it is easy to spot one but to find the finest one out there is a bit dicey. You need to be cunning and discriminate when you are making a shortlist of the BPOs that you consider to hire for your needs. You can look for recommendations from industry peers or through chambers of commerce or even from Google. You can always Google the BPO suppliers that are out there and start your quest from there.


Step Three: Ask questions. This is now the fun part, asking the questions. Now that you have identified the suppliers ask as much question so that you will be able to tell which among the candidates are best suited to your needs.


Step Four: Check the technology. Technology is important when dealing with a BPO. You should be able to determine if they are capable of handling the tasks with great reliability.


Step Five: Look for better deals. Now that you have trimmed down the candidates, it is time to look for deals that will sweeten the pot. Don’t go right away for the cheapest one. You have to weigh their ability to deliver against the costs of hiring them.


Outsourcing today is no longer just cutting costs and to save money for the business. It has become an integral part of the business model and strategy. Most businesses flourish because they are able to harness the expertise and technology of the BPOs to their own advantage. Businesses have maximized the flexibility and the versatility that BPOs provide their clients. And it is time that you should, too.

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