Essentials of Secure Outsourcing

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14 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on Essentials of Secure Outsourcing

Outsourcing some of the services that you render for customers may help the business come out unscathed. It can translate for far better profits that can land the business in the black. Yet, there are some sectors that remain unconvinced about how safe customer data especially when a third party gains access to the information. Some sectors feel that exposure of customer’s sensitive data will not sit well as it may not be much of a help but more of a liability.

Outsourcing your company’s services does not come without risks. Data security is one of the top issues that most businesses are worried about. The exposure of data may break the company badly and could lead to fraud and unimaginable damage to the customers. If you are considering outsourcing some of the service it is best to take a look at how vendors are going to secure the data for peace of mind.


A good security policy should be the first order of the day. Make it a point to request information about how the outsourcing vendor can secure the data and keep the data way from interested parties. A good security policy should sound rational and will able to satisfy the minimum requirements of a company that is a stickler for security. The outsourcing company should have an excellent information classification system which guides the employees on what data are sensitive and which information can be released to the public. The guidelines should be evaluated by all stakeholders and the guidelines are clearly communicated to everyone in the organization.


Make it a point that the outsourcing vendor is strict when it comes to security. Take a look on how the vendor is physically security the data centers and the server room. Notice if there are enough physical security, digital security and even closed-circuit cameras to monitor the ingress and egress of people from sensitive parts of the operations. The vendor must have strict guidelines on the use of digital devices that can be used to copy sensitive information which can be used elsewhere.


A regular unannounced security audit should be performed always. This will ensure that the vendor is complying with the policies and the rules. This will align the expectations to what is actually happening and could even prevent any potential information risks and leaks. Audits will help identify the potential exploits and compromises. The vendor should have the technology to prevent outside threats from disrupting operations and there are policies that prevent the copying or duplication of sensitive data away from the place of operations.


Never let security concerns stop you from thinking of doing outsourcing. Security should be the least of your worries as long you partner with the right vendor who knows security like the back of their hands. Offshore outsourcing is the best thing that happened to business and it is secured all out.


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