At AxiomBPM, we don’t stop at sending invoices or emails to clients or customers reminding them of their dues. Instead, we are bent to help you increase profit by collecting bad debts on your behalf. With over eight years experience, we have become the nation’s leader in debt collection services, and now have expanded to servicing clients from all over the world as well. In such manner, we take pride of being able to offer loss prevention, debt recovery, medical collections, commercial collections, consumer collections, check recovery and financial solutions.

As a debt collection agency, we have highly trained professionals that have the lengthy experience in the field, whether you need them for business or individual debt collections. More so, AxiomBPM has a network of debt collection lawyers formed into a network, such that your location isn’t going to matter when you need your clients to pay up. We can select a debt collection attorney in most cases in the same city where the debtor is located, and lawfully demand payment in full or start a law suit and reduce to judgment to force a debtor to pay.

Debt Collection Services Offered by AxiomBPM

We have a full division known as Commercial Collection Services which was established to provide our business partners a much more practical and economical solution for business to business debt collection. This department consists of a professional in-house group of collection specialists, paralegals and attorneys. The program itself is designed to maximize recovery in the shortest period of time, with the highest percentage of dollars returned to the client.

AxiomBPM also has the Medical Collection Services with experience in administrative, billing for physicians, hospitals, banks, retailers, government, commercial businesses, etc. Medical Collections of past due receivables requires an intelligent approach. Our clients are concerned with not only the recovery of medical bad debts but also the manner in which their debtors are contacted. This arm of the Debt Collection Services ensures diligent effort and attention to detail to efficiently and successfully yield excellent results within these parameters.

There is no substitute for the expertise of our professional Consumer Collection Services. The success-driven and trained professionals are utilized to implement the most effective recovery techniques and systems in the market. Our automated and integrated state-of-the-art technologies give us access to accurate consumer credit information. We follow progressive and thorough collection procedures without negating the good will that’s essential to continued account retention. Anent to this, we use our Credit Bureau resources to upload collection information to the credit file, and provide all the expertise needed to take over management of your receivables.

AxiomBPM also has the Check Recovery Services at bay for the specific needs. If your business experiences significant volume of returned consumer NSF checks, and is interested in collecting your bounced checks, then we have the optimal solution for you. Please contact us for our check recovery services.