Who we are - AxiomBPM - Outsourced Company


Axiom BPM is founded by seasoned professionals from different sectors. We have deep knowledge and experience in the field of marketing, business process outsourcing, and most importantly, information technology and analytics.

The mission of Axiom is to provide high-quality outsourcing and technology services to the companies at a much lower cost. At the same time, leveraging offshore operations and development centers for the services we offer. We do this through highly efficient and educated professionals from India, and the experienced management team.

Axiom has dedicated operation and technology centers in India and Philippines with the head quarters in New Jersey, all staffed with highly educated professionals and experienced management teams.


It is our VISION – and mission – to be the trusted outsourcing partner of our clients on a long-term basis. With this, AxiomBPM constantly seeks to live up to the best standards of processes involved in the stages of outsourcing, such that our clients reap better productivity in the longer run.

It is our principle to put out the best effort, regardless of the workload and pressure, to deliver the best and hit targets. More so, we ensure businesses that their customers will be highly satisfied with each outsourced process that we carry out. For AxiomBPM, precise, timely and excellent services are rendered such that our clients rake the profits and maintain relationships with us through the years.

At AxiomBPM, our vision is to fulfill your vision, and our mission is to carry out excellent services in every work we do for you.


Through our business process outsourcing systems, AxiomBPM act as the extended arm of our clients or customers, in order to perform their business processes at excellent level.

All our operations are geared towards providing cost-efficient services. It begins with having a complete understanding of the business, its processes and business practices, and the local culture and target markets.

We adopt a complete BPO migration and transition management operations which consists of the following activities:

  • Understanding the business of the client
  • Identification of outsource activities
  • Client interaction
  • Documentation of operating plan with performance requirements
  • Pre-process training
  • Client specific process training
  • Implementation of project
  • Continuous quality control and removal of irritants
  • Completing the transaction
  • Implementing the client feed back
  • Continuous interaction with the client
  • Comprehensive Implementation

In these stages, the client first develops and implements a comprehensive process that we then integrate with our technology and knowledge, and our efficient management architecture. Summing it up, AxiomBPM knows every step of the way and have mastered an art of making outsourced services an ease for clients.


The AxiomBPM Location & Infrastructure Edge

Firstly, our past and present clients now enjoy the advantages of our location and infrastructure. We have the best technologies and systems which render our client that coveted edge above their competitors. This edge enables us to keep a track on the strategy adopted by our competitors. Hence, we can plan on the most profitable strategies after considering the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Our infrastructure is spread in major areas throughout India and is proficient in terms of Internet connectivity, power, proximity to key amenities, high quality and professional employees, and of course, budget-friendly service costs.

The AxiomBPM infrastructure includes:

  • State-of-the-art computerization with fully automated call desks
  • Uninterrupted and back up power supply
  • Fully redundant voice and data communications with security
  • Dedicated high speed internet connectivity
  • Scalable capacity
  • Multiple Leased fiber optic circuit from India to US, Australia and Europe
  • Duplicated system to ensure uninterrupted call reception and uninterrupted internet connectivity

In terms of Data Security, AxiomBPM takes pride in having the following:

  • Manned and logical data security at entrances
  • Layered access to physical locations and data
  • Commercial grade firewall
  • Network intruder detection system for extra data security
  • Layer 4 switching with advanced router module for intelligent data routing, monitoring and security