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Call Center Definition “ What is a Call Center?

A call center is a physical place where inbound and outbound calls are handled by a company, usually with automated predictive dialers. Typically, a call center has the ability to handle large volume of outbound or inbound phone calls at the same time, to screen calls and forward them to someone qualified to handle them, and to log calls. Call centers are used for outbound lead generation, customer support, technical help desk, follow ups, appointment setting etc. There are other terms for call center which is contact center and call centre.

Here is the definition of Call Center As per Wikipedia

A call centre or call center is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone….

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What are the benefits of a call center? What are the advantages to outsource?

From the time of inception, call center services have acquired a great deal of importance.

Ideally, call center is an operation, which is based in an offshore or onshore locations like India or Philippines and provides varied services to the companies. Businesses that are located onshore avail these services in a bid to reduce the overhead expenses.

Moreover, when the non-core tasks are handled by specialists in the call centers, companies get the opportunity of getting the best brains to work on their projects while they can still handle the core business tasks.

Thus, you assign the services to an outsourced call center and think of better ideas to expand the business.

Axiom BPM is a reputed company with authentic call center operations and offers a wide range of services to the customers that are present across the globe.

Outsource Call Center Services



What are the Types of call center services?

There are typically 2 types of call center services which include as below:

  1. Inbound call centers, which will offer services like customer service, technical support, help desk support etc. Please click here to read more.
  2. Outbound call centers, which will offer services like lead generation, appointment setting, sales , follow ups etc. Please click here to read more.


Inbound call center services

The inbound call centers take calls from the customers and hence this name. This call center uses definite metrics such as first call resolution when it comes to measuring the success of a business. Take a look at the following points about the functions of inbound call centers.

  • Services from the help desk: These services are provided by the experts of the companies located offshore and can be best described as troubleshooting. This department has the responsibility to serve the clients by resolving their queries. For instance, the parent company might have queries when a project is still at the development stage and the executives of the call center can provide definite answers to those queries. It is vital and imperative for all call centers to have a proper help desk for supporting the clients in every possible manner.
  • Customer Services: Serving the customers and satisfying their needs is the primary motto of every business and the reliable companies train their employees for managing customer complaints and taking immediate action. A good customer service helps in attracting clients and contributes to the business.
  • Taking orders: With call center operations, the parent companies can now place their orders via telephone as businesses are conducted in different locations. Thus, the parent company might be located in the Unites States and the call center services provider might be positioned in another region. Taking and accepting orders have become a norm during the present day as there are far too many benefits for serving the customers from another location and contributing to the profits. Our inbound order taking services can let you take advantage of closing more sales from the calls.

Axiom BPM is a company that provides customized solutions to the clients and has successfully managed the tasks that have been assigned to them by the clients. The company strives for excellence and intends to tread those extra miles for the clients.


Outsource Call Center Services


Outbound call center services

The function of this call center is to take the calls of the customer for generating leads and increasing the sales volume of a business. Have a quick glance at some of the major functions that are offered by outbound call centers.

  • Lead Generation: This is not a new technique for procuring more clients by offering them information about the products and services but a whole new approach towards business. There are various techniques that the companies follow for generating leads such as telemarketing, online lead generation and direct mail. A lot of industries have benefited from lead generation that contributes to the sales volume.
  • Telemarketing: This is another strategy which is followed by outbound call centers and focuses on the conversational skills of the executives. Whether it is about presenting the offerings of a business over the telephone or resolving the queries of the clients, telemarketing has emerged as the choice of customers when it comes to availing call center services. Thus, telemarketing intends to increase the profits of businesses with new developments in technology with the help of people that are specifically trained for this purpose.
  • Conducting successful surveys: A business thrives on a number of aspects and conducting a survey is one of them. With growing levels of competition, companies have to think of strategies to make it to the top. However, having a virtual assistant is the best way to keep the non-core tasks at bay and companies can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Axiom BPM has served a multitude of clients with an outstanding approach that have helped companies scale new heights and increase their revenue.


3 Major Benefits of outsourced call center services.

While much has been talked and said about the benefits of outsourcing services, there is a difference that exists when it comes to the quality of the services that the outsourcing companies provide to their clients. The following points illustrate the basic advantages of choosing an outsourcing partner to manage different tasks.

    • Implementation of new technology: The technical know-how of a company which is located offshore can benefit another company in more ways than one. With outsourcing services, your business is exposed to a whole new world of knowledge and technical advancements which contributes to the revenue. Instead of hiring people and training them for managing various tasks, quality service providers can make all the difference.
    • Reducing the cost of labor: Most companies do not have the financial resources to manage different tasks as the cost of labor is presumably high. However, outsourcing allows a company to focus on the existing human resources and get the best from the executives that are based in the offshore locations at an affordable cost.
    • Reducing the risks: It is hard to avert risks in business as there are a number of factors such as government regulations and sudden changes that take place in the field of technology. Outsourcing partners can manage much of this task for a parent company which is assigned to them. With proper knowledge of the industry along with specific issues related to security and compliance, it is possible to stay away from the risks that grip businesses often.

Axiom BPM believes in lending a helping hand to the clients for managing the tasks that are assigned to them. We believe in focusing on long-term goals and have helped businesses carry on with their operations in a smooth and seamless manner. There are more benefits of outsourced call centers vs in house hiring. Contact us today to take advantage of outsourcing.

Outsource Call Center Services



With over ten years in the business, AxiomBPM has continuously expanded its call center services for its growing clientele in the United States and other parts of the world. Geared with cutting-edge systems and the most qualified human resources, we take pride in being able to deliver service excellence at all times.


But what makes us different from the rest?

Our key distinction is our teams of professionals with extensive skills in the trade. They have been specifically trained and hold solid experience in the field such that AxiomBPM workforce enjoys an enviable employee spirit level.


Along with that would be our expert systems in implementing a successful process transitioning methodology. With these, our long-standing clients and new ones can attest to our service commitment of delivering only the best with call center concerns.


Added to these, our operation is anchored on the global orientation and strong understanding of the American business operations environment. With the varying requirements of our clients’ customers, we are proven capable in delivering exemplary round-the-clock service all days of the week throughout the year. Suffice it to say, AxiomBPM call center services is all about superb service as the clock ticks on.


With your needs for call center services, the Axiom BPM assurance encompasses the following:


  • 24X7 call center support services
  • Excellent quality and consistency
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Reduced time to market


At Axiom BPM we are passionate about solving our customers problems as soon as they happen. That’s because we know that for all our clients, time is money. As the world becomes more interrelated, our experts and operations teams at the AxiomBPM call center service areas are mapping the future of clients needs and how to best address them.