1) Accounting Process Steps – Option One:

Receiving scanned Documents: The client would scan and store the source documents on the server.

Classifying the Documents: We will retrieve the documents and classify them as per the requirement.

Processing the Documents: We will process the data as per the requirement of our client.

Reporting : The processed data will be sent to the client after quality control


In a nutshell, the entire accounting process flow chart isĀ  as under:


accounting process 1


2) Accounting Proces Steps – Option Two:

By installing the remote desktop connection we will be accessing your computer and we can work on the running application which is already installed on your computer. You need not to install any software. Also you need not to upload/down load any of the data. The source data files can be kept on your computer itself.


Accounting Process Next Steps

Getting Access: Client will provide us the login and password for using remote desktop.

Classifying the Documents: Client will email us instruction to prepare accounting/tax return. In the email client will also inform us the place in network from where we can access the source documents/work papers.

Processing the Documents: India office will login in RDC with the login and password provided and will complete the assigned work.

Reporting : India office will email regarding completion of the work with open points, if any.



accounting process2



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