A Look Into Better Offshore Outsourcing Management

29 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on A Look Into Better Offshore Outsourcing Management

Offshore outsourcing can help any business regardless of size to reduce cost and improve productivity. This is the reason why a lot of businesses are looking to business process outsourcing firms for help to deliver results and still free to concentrate on their core business. The success of any offshore outsourcing project depends on how well you manage it. Good management assures that all the objectives, published goals and metrics are met and the expectations are attained as it is supposed to be.


It is best to clear with your vendors what are your expectations as a client in terms in making the program work. Never hesitate to communicate this to your vendors and ask for their commitment and ask for their opinion how to achieve success after all accomplishing the things you want to happen is what they are good at.


Eye for detail. When you are tasked to manage your business’ operations from afar, it pays to have a great eye for detail. Check everything that comes up and make it a point to check with the floor manager through different communications channels such as chat clients and even social network to monitor the progress of the program even you are located in the other side of the world. Make sure that you are getting the hourly and daily reports from the vendor and make it a point to call their attention on potential red flags and sagging metrics that needs attention.


Right resources. You have to consider that you are letting the vendor take over a certain part of the operations. That is why you cannot ask more than what they are capable of doing through the resources and tools that you have provided them. You also need to steadily monitor the internal policies that concerns with schedule adherence and even attrition so you can effectively manage the workforce conditions even if you are not physically present in the office located in another part of the world.

Management core.
There should be a clear-cut management team that will be the first ones that are tasked to trouble shoot any issue before it gets escalated to the main headquarters of the client. The local management core should be able to resolve any issue on their level so that there would be unnecessary escalations that can disrupt the focus of the clients on their core business.


Right costs. There are always hidden costs that a client needs to shell out in order to boost employee morale and to reward exemplary performance. These costs often are not specified in the risk and rewards section of the contract or in the scope of work. However, there are times that certain cost needs to be fulfilled. The core management team should be able to communicate this to the client so that they will be able to earmark a budget that will reflect on the invoice at the end of the month.


Cultural differences. One of the greatest challenges of offshoring outsourcing projects is culture. The vendor should be able to train the workers to assimilate fully to the culture of their end-customers through training and cultural modifications which easily managed with ground-level supervisors.


There are lots of factor that you need to consider when you are managing your business’ offshore outsourcing project. The good thing about this is that if you are able to play the cards right, it will surely bring a lot of success and lower costs to your company and help the enterprise towards a more robust bottom line.

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