7 Questions & Answers To Outsourcing Issues

29 April 2013, Comments Comments Off on 7 Questions & Answers To Outsourcing Issues

We have to admit that there are lots of questions that linger in the minds of businesses that would keep them from outsourcing some of their processes. There are a million of questions that are milling in the minds of business leaders and we picked seven to answers. The seven frequently asked questions, sufficing to say, will help potential clients to have a better sleep knowing their decision to outsource is indeed sound.


Bad publicity. Let’s face it. The term outsourcing means different to a lot people. Customers are most likely affected when learning there are certain processes within the business are being outsourced. So how do you deal with bad publicity? Simple, you counter the ill-will of customers with great customer service. Customers often would not mind if they are being served by offshore customer service representatives as long as they are given the best customer experience. In order to counter the bad publicity, try to explain to the customer the reason why your company had to outsource and provide their needs and far exceed their expectations.


Tied to the finances. When you are going to outsource part of your process to a vendor, you are actually fueling the financial future of that third-party company. That is why some outsourcers are asking if the outsourcing company’s financial woes can impact your operations? The simple answer is yes, it will. But, you will be able to reduce risk by choosing well-established and financially sound vendors over start-ups.


Problems of quality. How could be our company assured of quality when we outsource our processes? The answer to the question is quite simple you need to do background checks and to inspect if the vendor has the necessary certifications for quality standards. The ISO and the COPC standards should rank at the top of the certification search to ensure quality is top-notch with your vendor.


The hidden costs. This is one of the problems that often bug companies that outsource their processes with vendors. Often companies would be shocked upon learning about some costs that were not discussed. To remedy this situation, it is important that there is a contract and a scope of work that have been mutually agreed upon by both the vendor and the client to prevent hidden costs from popping up from nowhere.


Problems of security. What about security is my data safe? You can easily do something about this by discussing the security policies and also restrict the access of the vendor to your data base down to the essentials.


Loss of control. Often clients argue that they don’t have much control and needs to get some semblance of management. The answer to this question is that, the reason that you entered into outsourcing is to let others run the show for you so you can concentrate on better things.


Issues on priority. If you are fretting about priority, then the best solution is to find a vendor that can give you better priority. There are lots of companies out there that want your business and the key to get first priority is to find the right one for your company.


For the most part the questions are legitimate and well-founded. We have to understand that there are processes within the company that when screwed up can cost the business a lot if not could spell their doom.

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