4 major advantages of having live chat support on your website

9 May 2016, Comments Comments Off on 4 major advantages of having live chat support on your website

Getting website chat support is has become one of the essential things that could make or break your business effort to gain a foothold online. Having a chat support on your business website offers potential customers the ability to get more information about your products and services. Rather than your potential customers going to a competitor, you can get their attention through available chat support which is cheaper than phone calls and faster than email support. Here are some of the advantages of having website chat support.


1) Convenience for customers. Getting live chat support on your website is very much convenient to your customers. In fact, in a study 44 percent of online shoppers have questions over your products. The probability of getting them to buy becomes higher when there is someone that can answer all their questions which one of the best features that your business website could offer. Chat offers better wait times over phone as one agent can engage with two to three customers at the same time. It is cheaper to maintain because there are no toll costs that are often charged to the business. It is faster than email in providing a response for the customer.


2) Repeat visits. A website that has available live chat support increases the likelihood of repeat visits. In a survey made by a global tele communications company 63 percent of website visitors are likely to make a return visit in the future if there is live chat support available. The visitors are not only will return but 62 percent of the potential visitors are keen to purchase something and 33 percent said that they have purchased something after the chat session.


3) Cuts down the cost. If you have a chat session on your website you offer customer engagement without the huge costs that are associated with inbound call centers. You only need fewer employees because one employee can help two to three customer per session compared to one-on-one sessions with a telephone agent. There are more customers served in a chat session which makes the costs more efficient and can service more customers without increasing corresponding communication costs. It seeks to improve the process without breaking the bank. Talk about getting more bang for your buck.


4) Edge over the competition. A study by a multi-national tele communications company said that most business websites today lack chat support. Live chat is a crucial element in engaging with potential customers and even generating leads that could result in future sales. The study further revealed that people are dissuaded by the lack of communications facilities and are motivated to find a competitor that has live chat support that can provide answers to their questions. Chat has become an essential tool for businesses in this modern era.


Chat is no longer a decoration but an essential business tool to draw customers and to retain loyal customers to your fold. Businesses will have the opportunity to provide better customer service which can result to better sales and robust bottom lines in the future. Reach out to us if you are looking to outsource live chat services.



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